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A Gorgeous Rustic Cottage in Sussex

This gorgeous rustic cottage is located in Sussex, England.
It has a raw looking yet charming facade
and its big grassy outdoors looks really serene
and would really be a delight
to have especially for a city girl
like me.
Even from the view outside
one would already be intrigued to see
what it looks like inside and this gorgeous
cottage will not disappoint anybody
who loves a relaxing rustic indoors.
The interiors of this cottage
is raw and very natural but very appealing.
From its floors and walls to its ceilings
one can feel the
warmth in this rustic cottage.
Those exposed wooden beams adds
so much charm and I love
the unpretentious furniture and trinkets that
you can see placed beautifully
all around the house.
The bookshelves and reading nook 
are lovely
a nice place to spend time
to relax with a good book and maybe
a glass of wine.
And so is that charming fireplace
with a cowhide covered table
I can see myself taking a break in there
sipping coffee or hot choco.
The bathrooms look so simple
and beautiful at the same time,
love the bath tubs and cowhide rugs
in there.
Oh and that attic bedroom
is so  gorgeous,
something you can imagine
from a fairy tale or a beautiful dream
from your childhood.
The solid wood beams and chandelier
really does it for me.
I would love to have a bedroom like that
or at least experience even once
to be able to sleep in
a serene and charming bedroom
like that.
And this gorgeous rustic cottage has lots
of fresh plants and flowers
spread in the house
what more can we ask?

images: H&G

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