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White Attic Loft

This is a gorgeous
white attic loft in Sweden.
I love all the natural light coming in freely
in this white loft.
I also love the use
of modern furniture
and the wooden flooring
that makes every space look so
orderly and in place.
I love the dining space,
although small
the space is conducive for cozy talks
and intimate breakfasts and dinners.
The open floor plan makes this
loft look more spacious than it really is
and that is a good thing
of course the open floor plan also made
this loft look fresh
and bright.
And I love the sleek bathroom
too and the living spaces
on the second floor
of this gorgeous white attic loft
in Sweden.

images: myhouseidea

Fresh, Bright, and Lively Home

This home looks so fresh, bright, and lively.
The pops of vivid colors
are exciting and fun
and looks  gorgeous in an
all white wall background and the
beautiful patterns on the carpets and rugs
make such a pleasing design
to complement the comfy white
couches.  I love the big glass walls
that let natural light in
and gives a lot of brightness in
this home.
I also heart the books that are
beautifully scattered in this home
and the animal designs
prints and artworks are
just so cool.
Oh and I also love that colorful
reading chair  with ottoman in the bedroom
the colors are so bright and it looks
so comfy a perfect
spot to read and put my feet up.
And I just love a home
with real and living plants inside
because of the freshness
they give.

images: NE

A Beautiful Eclectic Home

I love the look
of this beautiful eclectic home.
In some spaces you see leather couches
and armchairs and in another
one you see floral fabrics covering
some chairs
and still in other
spaces you see all wood,
rustic and sturdy woods.
I love the wooden beams
it gives off a lot of character
and warmth in this home.
Oh I love the bedrooms of this
eclectic home
they look so relaxing and the
glass walls and windows gives
a very good view of the outdoors.
And speaking of the outdoors
this beautiful eclectic home
has a really nice and serene porch
with flower pots and a place for 
barbeque and gathering.

Lovely and Lively Yellow House

The facade of this lovely and lively
house may be yellow
but the interiors are nothing
but a mix of gorgeous colors and
patterns. The lovely wallpapers are
stunning and that stairway
looks absolutely amazing.
I have two fave rooms
in this house
which I think I can really stay
for hours happy while in there
the crafts room full of beads and stones
and art materials
and the amazing library or reading
room.  The book collection looks
extensive enough and that
comfy armchair looks just great
for hours of reading.