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I heart this . . . simple living room

I heart this simple living room. I love the simplicity of its design and the use of soothing colors to create a very relaxing surrounding. Clearly there is balance in this cottage style living space, a sofa in the middle with two lovely lamps on both sides, the framed wall arts and the two candle wall sconces at the wall at the back of the sofa are also immaculately hanged and meticulously arranged to create a perfect balance. Fortunately, the living room did not appear dull and boring because of too much focus on balance, thanks to the eye-catching and uniquely shaped sofa with three throw-pillows, the two of which are identical and placed on the left and right side of the sofa and the other pillow in the middle. The elegantly designed fabric of the sofa adds to the cozy cottage ambiance and laid-back atmosphere of this lovely living space. Even if I am an admirer of colorful and lively spaces, I heart this simple and elegant living room.

photo: House Beautiful

A relaxing and inviting Beach House

This Montauk Beach House in Long Island New York is aesthetically designed by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design. I am a great admirer of the works of talented designer Ghislaine Viñas because her projects are always lively but not flamboyant, relaxing but not dull, and they always make a statement of comfort and style. This Beach House is very relaxing and inviting. Each room and space has its own character and charm that will make its occupants feel the tranquil mood of a pleasant vacation. The very creative mix of colors makes the rooms come alive yet does not take out the laidback and peaceful ambience of the Beach House. The red and white dining room with its impressive white chandelier is cheerful and elegant at the same time. Family and friends will surely have a hefty happy appetite in this dining room as red is known to stimulate a desire for food. The green and purple bedrooms would serve as idyllic sanctuaries to their dwellers. And I just adore the spacious and immaculate white kitchen with lots of storage and air. The generous use of whites in this beach house carefully combined with other vibrant colors just picks up one’s mood. Plus the meticulous addition of exceptional home decors and accessories that will perfectly fit in every space makes this Beach House a very relaxing and inviting place for family gatherings and vacation.

Awesome Paintable Wallpapers

These awesome paintable wallpapers are the perfect solution to problem walls. It can hide away all unsightly problems in your walls. It covers cracks, paneling, and even cinderblock. And it is not only good for problem walls. It can also be used to beautify your dull walls or just create a new design and feel on any space in your home. And the best part of it is that it is paintable, you can paint it with colors that will suit your home interior design and it comes with a variety of effects and designs. It adds texture and feel on the surface of your walls that are otherwise missing on ordinary wallcoverings. These Graham and Brown Paintables are also durable and it has elegant style and effects that will no doubt fit in any wall or ceiling you wish to cover. I personally like the Victorian Effect which is patterned after traditional tin ceilings and perfect for older Victorian and colonial homes and the Stucco Effect which really makes your walls have the lovely stucco walls surface which really looks thicker but without the cost and commitment of having real ones.

Lance Armstrong’s Austin Abode

Retired American Professional Cyclist Lance Armstrong opens up his Austin Abode which is featured in the July 2008 issue of Architectural Digest. And it looks so good. Lance who broke records when he won the Tour de France seven consecutive times lives in a warm and restful Spanish colonial-style house. Lance has a very talented and skillful team behind him to create his welcoming Texas abode, the Interiors of the house was done by Roy W. Materanek of RWM Design, Renovation Architecture by Ryan Street & Associates and Landscape Architecture by LandWest Design Group. I just adore his contemporary living room that exudes a cheery and comfortable feeling with the use of reds and woods. The artworks and chandeliers are also very eye-catching. The spacious media/game room which displays his Jerseys from his Tour de France days and the pool cabana that looks down a walk framed by cypresses are just some of the many stunning spaces in this marvelously designed home. And I really, really love the kitchen, which displays some family photos which is quite rare in kitchens but adds a very warm touch to this already lovely room.

Lance Armstrong, from his Architectural Digest Interview:

“When I walk into that house, I heave a sigh of relief: I am home. I take off my shoes, walk around barefoot, just feeling the rugs, floors. Home is very private; here, nobody’s going to mess with me.”

“When their mom and I split, the kids and I moved around a bunch. But that’s over. This time I said, ‘You will graduate from high school in this house. I promise. Dad’s not moving again.’ ”