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Florida Design Magazine features homes of luxury, style, and elegance. I always love and enjoy looking at the beautiful and lovely homes being featured by the magazine even if at times the featured homes' design is too high-end for my taste and lifestyle. You can also check out previous issues and their features at which is an extension of FLORIDA DESIGN magazines. In this site you can also look for the design sources and connect directly to their sites. Enjoy the many lovely interiors and home spaces I have found on their site.

FLORIDA DESIGN is dedicated to those who appreciate fine interior design, furnishings, architecture and a luxurious lifestyle.

Child's Play

I heart these two designs of a house, a Victorian Cottage and a Tree House because they are part of my childhood fantasies and probably as do most children of my generation. Our generation, meaning the generation before the advent of personal computers, play stations, xbox, and the wii. We loved to play games that makes us run, laugh a lot, and interact physically with our friends and we make use of our imagination a lot. One of the games me and my childhood friends love to play during summers is that of playing house, we would put curtains in our friend's old owner jeepney type vehicle and bring toy plates and other household toys. We would stay there for hours during the day and we prefer to eat our lunch in our little plates and drink our water and juice on our little cups from our little teapots. Oh, those were the days. And all of us help each other to beautify our tiny little space of a house, we would put flowers and plants and little chairs and tables. And we long to have little houses to play with like these two below, we will surely have a grand time in any of them ...

A Tiny Victorian Cottage

Sandra Foster turned a Catskills hunting cabin into the romantic Victorian cottage she had always wanted, using vintage columns, flooring and wavy glass windows, and doing the carpentry herself. The cottage fulfills a dream for Ms. Foster, whose middle-class family lost their home when she was a teenager on Long Island.
- The New York Times, Home and Garden

A Tree House

This treehouse was featured in the February 2006 Architectural digest magazine. Built as family guesthouse in the Swiss chalet style, its ramp is supported by salvaged Madrona logs with a bench 1/2 way up. Has running water, sleeps four people, restored leaded glass windows, and many other unique features…
- TreeHouse Workshop

Mad About Kitchens

It is again the last quarter of the year and the busiest part of the year for Moms and homemakers. During this season we have the most number of family celebrations and in-house get togethers. And once again our kitchen will become one if not the most activity-filled room in our house. I love it when family members or guests gather in the kitchen making chit-chats and catching up with everyone's whereabouts while I'm preparing food that we will later partake with gusto. And somebody who helps me in the kitchen is always welcome. So here, before the kitchen-busy days arrive, here are some awesome kitchen designs to inspire you and me to make our kitchens ready for the upcoming cookfest season.

Gridley + Graves

Gridley + Graves