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Gorgeous Gowns

 I don't wear long
gowns, oh maybe occasionally
but I do love looking at them.
They are so girly and feminine
and super gorgeous.
I don't look at them and
see myself wearing them, no...
I just really feel happy
and delighted to see
gorgeous gowns
maybe it is just the lady
in me. 


Cottage on Wheels

This cottage on wheels
is so cool
it looks like having
an RV but the interiors
are so much more cozy
and inviting.
Hey, even the exterior
looks so welcoming.
Love it.


Delish Pork Ribs

Oven BBQ Ribs

Oh my,
I found these delicious
pork ribs recipes
on the net
and I promise myself
to try to cook each
one. I know, their pics
alone is enough to make me drool...
I've just decided to try
the Coca-Cola BBQ
Ribs first
because I used to
use beer on my ribs
and our family loves it
and I think the Coca-Cola BBQ would
not taste far behind.
Try one or some of these
recipes yourself
they are so easy to follow
and looks really good.



Spicy Korean Pork Spare Ribs

BBQ Baked Ribs

Slow Cooker Honey Spare Ribs

Coca-Cola BBQ Ribs

Spicy Dr Pepper Ribs

Vacation Home in Cannes

I love vacation homes
like this one in Cannes
so serene and relaxing
a place to feel nature and be calm
away from the hustle and bustle
of city life.
Those stone walls
the lovely floor tiles
and wood beams
are all so charming and gorgeous.
I love the huge trees
and spacious
somewhere you can be
carefree and chill out.
And there's a pool too
for hot sunny days.


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