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Unique Beds

These are two uniquely designed innovative beds that aspire to bring both comfort and style. They both look great and promise to be strong enough for its users. These beds would be a great addition to any bedroom of a fun-loving, stylish, individual. I just don’t know how many people would be willing to trade their conventional beds for beds with new innovative designs such as these.


Float is an innovative bed designed by Max Longin.
Float is minimalist and playful at the same time.

Le Beanock

This bed has been weight tested to 200 kilograms for the larger one and 100 kilograms for the smaller single one. Relax, play or swing in it – it’s more than tough enough for two people.

Rooms with a View

Rooms with a view are pleasing to the eyes because they give a feeling of a bigger and breathing space. You will not feel boxed in a room that opens to a wonderful view and scenery. Giving any room in your house a view is not impossible because with the new materials available in the market today this is easily achievable. There are several things that you can do to make any room in your house have a nice view. You may choose to make your windows wider or use glass windows. You may use sliding doors that will open up to a lush garden or other panoramic view like the mountains or the beach that will readily give the room more space and air. Sliding doors may be wood, vinyl, or glass. If you will use wood and vinyl then you will have to open the door wide enough to enjoy the view and get natural light and air to your home. Using glass however will let you see the view even if it is closed. In addition to using a glass sliding door you may also opt to have glass walls for a wider view. With the new technology of glass today, they can even filter UV light and give thermal protection. Some people are hesitant to use glass walls because of privacy issues especially those living in high rise condominiums. You may install thick curtains to your glass walls and do not open it in times when you want privacy more than the view. These days more and more people wants a have a floor to ceiling glass walls in their house and condominium units. It would be nice to see the lovely sunset or the spectacular view of the city at night through glass walls than just by your windows. It is also more refreshing to have a view of the garden, the beach, or the mountains from your living room, bedroom, dining room, and even from your bathroom. If you do not have enough space for a garden and you do not have the view of the beach, mountain or any natural scenery, you may just use a glass window and just put some orchids or any other nice plants and little fountains outside to have a little landscaped area for you to view from inside your house. Below are some examples of rooms with a view.

Douglas Durkin Design

Douglas Durkin Design

A Rustic Style Kitchen

I love rustic style kitchens because they look warm, cozy, and charming. Whenever I see a rustic/western style kitchen that is beautifully designed it gives me an old fashioned feeling of family, love, simplicity and togetherness. I saw this Rustic/Western Style kitchen design in Western Interiors and Design and I was in awe of its beautiful design coupled with sensible functionality. The moss rock fireplace and wooden beams are simply charming. The kitchen plate racks are immaculately placed and balanced near and just above the white farmhouse sink. This is the kind of kitchen that I would love to have for our weekend house. I love a kitchen with a beautiful kitchen island that will allow me to have extra working space when preparing meals and with enough storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils. This is a spacious that will also allow family members and friends to engage in a good conversation while preparing a sumptuous meal for family and friends.

Custom black-lacquered alder cabinetry by Robert Palomba is complemented by honed Pietra Cardoza granite countertops in a kitchen by Carney Architects and designer Victoria Hagan. The moss rock fireplace has a cantilevered hammered-stone hearth slab. A white farmhouse sink is fitted with Waterworks faucets. From Western Interiors and Design.

Innovative Furniture for Small Spaces

Living in a small space is not an excuse for having a badly designed and uninviting living space. Small spaces can be improved by applying some design tricks to make it look bigger and comfortable. Use light color wall paints as dark shades make the space look smaller. You can also make use of lighter shades of fabrics for your slipcovers and curtains. Wide or big windows will help in the ventilation of the space which makes the room airy and fresher thereby making the space look bigger. Adding mirrors in a room is a common solution to make the room bigger but do not make the mirror face a dull wall because it will just make the room look more compact. Organize your things and make use of storage boxes and shelves. Small spaces can also be improved by using furniture and fixtures that are really created for compact living and small spaces. The use of bunk beds and sofa beds are becoming popular among people who are making the most of their small living spaces. Below are some interesting and appealing bunk beds and sofa beds that might help in making your small space look clutter-free and organized without compromising design and style. With these made for small space innovative fixtures you can still achieve a functional, appealing and comfortable living space.

photos: CLEI UK

Stylish Living Room Designs by Kenneth Brown

Most people think that living rooms are easy to design and decorate as long as you have the most important and key furniture and decors to put in it like sofa, coffee table, flower arrangement, vase, and other living room basics. And yes, you might get a living room by arranging such items in a room, but to have a stylish, functional, and comfortable living room requires great style, an eye to detail and aesthetics. The living room is usually the first room in your house you go to and see when you go home and it is important that this room should make you feel relaxed and comfortable it should convey an atmosphere of warmth, balance, and beauty. One of my favorite interior designers when it comes to creating livable and elegant living rooms is celebrity Interior Designer Kenneth Brown. He is one of Los Angeles’ most respected and sought-after interior designer whose works are featured in many design magazines and publications and on numerous television shows. His living rooms are warm, functional, and pleasing to the eye. Nothing is out of place and every item blends well in his living room creations. Below are some exceptional living room designs from Kenneth Brown.