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A Renovated Stone House in Italy

This renovated stone house in Italy
is charming as it is colorfully beautiful.
I love the grays and greens in this Italian
country home, I never thought these colors would
work well together as evidenced
in the living room.
The grey wall and seating space
looks perfect with the assorted green
throw pillows with their 
mixed textures and patterns.
And that gorgeous artwork in the
wall is eye catching in a beautiful way.
Each rooms have a different color scheme
which provides variety of style
and ambiance
while retaining the white bricks
and wood accents.
Again, in the kitchen
the mix of grays and greens
are evident
and the open shelving looks
so cool and charming
and that simple table and chairs
add a lot of homeyness in this country
kitchen...oh and look at that 
wonderful view from the kitchen sink.
The outdoor space looks so inviting
with that pool and outdoor lounge chairs
overlooking a perfect view of Umbria, Italy.
Oh and looking at those lovely green shutters
and brick walls of the house
makes me long for a country house of my own.


Gorgeous and Cozy Tiny Home

I love how cozy and welcoming
this tiny home is.
Love the woods everywhere
and its country kitchen is so cool.
The gorgeous pop-out porch
is wonderful surprise.
And the subway tiles in the kitchen
and bathroom are very lovely.
And I really love the dining room
with a view.

images: HB