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An Idyllic Villa North of Sicily

I heart this idyllic villa in the north of Sicily. I love its natural simplicity and its picturesque surroundings. The owner of this summer villa is no other than the renowned Architect Massimiliano Fuksas and his wife Interior Designer Doriana Madrelli, the couple did the renovation and design of this villa themselves. This villa was built at the end of the century and is perched on top of a cliff boasting a very spectacular view of the sea and the neighboring island of Salina, it is so beautiful with its simplicity that uses Mediterranean colors and Mediterranean style decor with ethnic pieces. I just love the stone walls, the colored interior walls, and the villa's architecture. What are your thoughts of this villa?

source: elinikospiti

A Beach Bungalow in Cape Town

This beach bungalow in Cape Town is a perfect place for a weekend on the beach. I love the white on white interiors of the house, it is just divine. A perfect place to rest, so serene and even the outdoors look perfect, the beach and the mountains. And check out the open kitchen, not too big but lovely and that nice deck, I think I could sit in that wooden chair for hours just staring at that perfect view of the beach, yes I'm good at that. Oh and the bedroom is not to be left out in the lovely department, it looks so comfy and inviting, even if that tub is just right there near the bed. And isn't that suitcase an eye candy?

source: houseandleisure

Home Crush in The Hamptons

I love Ali Schwarz Design Group so much... Their spaces are always fresh, inviting, and really beautiful. This home in the Hamptons is a favorite of mine, I love the colors used and it has a spectacular view. Everything in this home is perfect if you ask me, every room is inviting and comfortable especially the bedrooms. The living room is divine with its windows opening up to a nice view, the artworks are soothing, and I just adore the wall color, so very relaxing. Enjoy!

A Beach House in São Paulo

Oh how I love the walls, the floors, the blue shutters, and all the wood in this beach house in Sao Paulo. I am also loving the stained glass windows, they add so much charm to this already beautiful home. And isn't that Afghan hound so cute in there beside the bench coffee table. I love the rustic feel inside and the tropical feel outside, truly a wonderful place to call home.

source: Casa