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The Old and The New

Designer Nate Berkus’ Chicago apartment has undergone quite a makeover. I’m sure most of you are familiar with him, Oprah’s go to guy when it comes to interior design and is quite a regular guest of her show. Well, his apartment has a fresh new look and it is a relief to know that hot designers as Nate is just like the rest of us when making some transformations around the home, we like to keep those things dear to us and leave some parts of the home we feel most comfortable with and somehow we haven’t outgrown yet. I have this crazy notion before that wealthy people and even designers would just totally get an all new set of furniture and things and would just totally change every element of the old house or space being renovated when they do a makeover because they can afford it and they can make it happen. But as I told you, it might just be a crazy notion. So, here is Nate’s before and after apartment look. Personally, I love the new look, and notice some of the elements and things he kept from the old one.

The Old Look

The New Look

photos: Oprah, Elle D├ęcor

Dramatic Stairways

Stairways may be straight, spiral, round, high, or low and can be as creative and as grand as the owner or designer may want it to be. Beautifully designed stairways definitely make a statement of elegance, grandness, and style in a home. Stairs are functional but can also be a good way to personalize your home and at the same time make it a creative part of your home. Stairs allows the homeowner versatility in making a style statement of his own in his own home. Dramatic stairways are always nice to look at and add a timeless appeal and structural aesthetics in any room, space or home.

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