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Home Spaces made more beautiful by Flowers

Flowers make a room look more vibrant, fresh, and homey. It does not really matter in what part of your house you want to put some flowers, these days you can put them practically anywhere… in your entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, and even in your bathrooms. Flowers inside your home need not be too many, big, or placed in the center of the room to create an impact, flowers just never fails to brighten up a space. Flowers are sure to make any part of your house more vibrant, fresh and homey and if your flowers have fragrance then you get to enjoy its lovely smell too.

These rooms may be aesthetically fabulous already but they are made more beautiful by the addition of lovely flowers in them.

Country Style Spaces that makes you go Awwww….

These are country style spaces that makes you go Awww…because they are so lovely, nice, and oh so charming. You just gotta love the fabrics, the choice of furniture in each room, the use of colors and flowers, and the unmistakable warmth and homey feel of each of these beautifully designed country style spaces. These are from the portfolio of Diamond Baratta Design, a partnership of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta. Diamond founded his interior design firm in 1974, and Baratta joined Diamond 25 years ago. The focus of the firm is Architectural Interior Design and Decoration. Together, they are heralded as “Decorating's Dynamic Duo” by critically acclaimed House Beautiful magazine.

photos: Diamond Baratta Design

Amazing Kids’ Bedrooms

Vallone Design is known as the premiere golf clubhouse designers. They have many wonderful and brilliant luxury residential interiors and hospitality projects under their belt. I am especially fond of their kids’ bedrooms which are really amazing… always fun, lively, colorful, safe, and functional. The kind of bedroom that would inspire kids and make them proud of their own private place, a place they would remember for the rest of their lives.

photos: Vallone Design