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Berghoff Design Group

I'm glad I've found the site of Berghoff Design Group while surfing the net yesterday. Their landscaping and outdoor designs are so pleasing to the eyes, cozy, and could really make you wish you live outdoors or at least have the time to laze a bit more in the outdoors of your home. Below are just some of their amazing designs.

Berghoff Design Group is a design-build firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, committed to the highest quality landscape design and construction for residential estates, commercial properties and restoration projects. The firm is in the business of helping clients feel good about their garden and environment. Their services consist of comprehensive design (including planting, hardscape, garden features and custom amenities), cost estimating, and full installation. Our coordination process enables us to efficiently oversee the design from inception to completion.

Brick and Stone Walls

We often see brick and stone walls on the outside part of a house, bricks and stones are elements usually used to decorate the exteriors of a house, such as gardens and patios but lately more and more homes use brick and stone walls indoors. They make a space more cozy and adds a bit of warmth. Here are some gorgeous rooms that made use of brick and stone walls.

Tumblr Finds

Interior Decline

I've spent too much time surfing blogs from Tumblr today and I really mean too much. But I loved every minute of it and besides I have these eye-candies to show off and share with you all design-loving blog friends of mine. Enjoy!