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A Tranquil Home by the Beach

Any abode that is just a walk away from the beach is my kind of home. I love the tranquil vibe the beach gives its surroundings, and I love lazy walks on the sand especially during sunrise and sunsets. I love the outdoor spaces of this tranquil home by the beach, love the patio by the pool and the pool itself looks marvelous, not too big but looks real cool and inviting. And this beautiful home has serene and inviting interiors to boast too. I love the simplicity of the rooms and the furniture but all the spaces look so cozy and laidback, spaces where you can relax and forget about life's worries. And I love the cabinet/dresser, it makes me feel happy inside just looking at it, what a wonderful color. And the don't you just love the mix of modern and old in the bathroom. I absolutely adore that there are lots of artworks all over this beautiful house by the beach.

images: Elle

A Glamorous and Relaxed Black, Gray, and Silver Apartment

This apartment looks so glamorous and relaxing. I just love the color scheme used in here, so soothing. The dining room looks fabulous, so French and elegant and just look at those luxurious drapes... what's not to love in that space? A picture of an icon like Audrey to inspire, its so perfect in that little work space. The couch looks so comfy and with all those books in there I think I'd lie in that couch more than I'd be sitting...reading those books of course. The bedroom looks so inviting with its simplicity but at the same time filled with femininity... oh that little hanging heart from the lovely chandy is super cute. The bathroom may not be so spacious but I love the glam feel all over it. Hmmm... the interiors of this apartment would definitely go to my inspiration file.

images: Weranda