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A Colorful Loft

I love the look of this loft,
colorful, lively, and filled with positive energy.
My favorite room is the cozy bedroom 
with red brick ceiling
and lots of books.
The living room is gorgeous too,
spacious and has a huge glass door and windows 
that opens up to a wonderful outdoor space.

Shabby Chic Spaces

Oh how I love Shabby Chic Spaces
they are feminine,
so light yet so warm.
And most of them are
romantic spaces too which very much appeals to me.
Here are just some shabby spaces
for your inspiration.

New York Times


Mad About Pink

A Beautiful Villa of Stone Walls and Neutral Colors in France

This beautiful villa in France looks divine to me,
I love its simplicity, walls of stone, metal doors, wooden ceilings and use of neutral colors.
Only the bathroom uses a different color palette but within the simple and laidback theme of the whole house with just enough feminine touch.
I love interiors of stone walls and concrete,
they easily warms up the place and makes it look so simple and yet very lovely.
I also love the minimalist style of this villa,
only the necessary furniture are in a room and nothing more,
no fancy decors, no clutter.  It must be so lovely to live here,
so laidback, relaxed, and with beautiful surroundings.  Check out the outdoor spaces for they are as lovely as the interiors.

source: Weranda

A Beautiful Log House in Sweden

What a beautiful log house...
perfect for a summer getaway.
Lovely interiors that is so relaxing and carefree
yet with a modern feel.
Love the glass windows that reaches the floors in the rooms
they provide lovely day light
and I bet it would also give a cool peek of the outdoors at night.
I also adore the outdoor spaces,
such a lovely deck facing the waters
and a nice cozy outdoor space for some leisurely talk and refreshments.

source: Hus&Hem