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A Stylish Black and White Apartment

As a woman the design style
of this black and white apartment
appeals to me.  It has a hint of glamour,
sophistication, and lots of femininity.
I heart that gold sunflower mirror and
that animal print rug.
I love the home office too with
that lucite chair and a cabinet of shoes.


A Beautiful White Country House in Portugal

This beautiful white country house in Portugal
is a perfect place for those who love nature
and idyllic surroundings.
This home has a perfect view of the mountains
and hills and comfortable and restful
interiors.  Indoors or outdoors
is a delight to the senses and
lets one feel relaxed.
I love that this country house used mostly natural
just look at that pool
which uses concrete and wood but
very lovely and inviting just the same with a
very picturesque view as backdrop.
And as for me, that outdoor space with a 
simple dining table outside
with a ready swing hanging on a tree nearby
is divine.


source: NuevoEstilo

A Beautiful Sustainable Box House

This is such a beautiful box house
on a hill and it is sustainable
which is really a plus factor for this home.
I love that the interiors of the house is 
inviting and has a certain warmth,
not cold at all like other box houses.
And those glass windows
are really amazing because they allow
natural light to get in and gives a beautiful view
of the mountains.
And I love those colors inside
and the dining room looks so wonderful
and that pool area outside is a really
lovely place for lounging and taking a swim.
Oh and there's a hammock too,
I just love homes with hammocks.

source: Casa

A Romantic White Villa

This romantic white villa
is so inviting
and looks so restful.
All the furniture are comfy
and each space exudes
a laidback feel but with
a hint of elegance and luxury.
I love the bedroom with its pops of
purple and the bathroom with
that lovely window and its delicate and dainty
white drapes...  and oh 
that old Scandinavian clock too.
And look at that piano between the
dining room and living room
perfect  when having some guests over.


source: Weranda

A Beautiful Conservatory

This conservatory is so beautiful
a perfect place to relax
or to gather this summer
when the flowers are in bloom
and the garden so lush.
Love those chairs
and the colorful fabrics
in here.
And don't you just love the 
brick walls?


A Lively Home with Lovely Porch

This home looks so fresh and lively
with all the beautiful pops of colors
and lovely mix of textures and styles.
I love the walls of this house
each one has a different surprise on it
whether a shelf with lovely treasures
or some cheery artworks
or just framed photos but the walls are
never dull and so are the floors
with beautiful carpets or exquisite tiles.
And the porch for me looks amazing
and such a relaxing space.

source: NuevoEstilo