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White Walls and Lots of Colors

Love this Swedish Home with its wonderful white walls and colorful furniture and accents. It looks so fresh, lively, and comfortable. Here is a house that looks so lived in and feels so light and airy. I just love how the beautiful mix of colors made the interiors look so vibrant but still cozy because of the white walls and ceilings. The furniture may not be so expensive by they look really interesting, comfortable and homey. Love the rugs I think all of them look so beautiful and the fireplace looks amazing and oh so cozy. The books, the kids' toys, and the little blackboards look fantastic in there too.


images: husohem

A Charming and Cozy House

I love this charming and cozy house from the 1800s. Just the living room with its lovely chandelier, huge mirror, stone wall, and the upholstered sofa in turquoise fabric with a single pink pillow... oh my heart is already captured. Looking at the other rooms and I am getting more and more convinced that this house has one the most beautiful interiors around, at least for my taste. Relaxed, rustic, cozy and very inviting. I love the charming and inviting kitchen with its open shelves that proudly displays the wonderful collection of the owners and its interesting tiles. Oh the dining room is spacious with its wide wood table surrounded by Louis Ghost chairs and above hangs a lovely chandelier and below is a painted rug with its sweet pale color ... just beautiful. And the simplicity and whiteness of the bathroom looks divine with a lovely chandelier, mirror and wood paneling.

images: boligpluss