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Fascinating Doors

Doors... oh they always fascinate me especially the colorful ones and the ones with intricate details.  But there are doors that are simple yet intriguing, and I love the ones that seem to carry a lot of history in them.  Doors are the portals we pass through, the more interesting looking they are the more we seem to be excited to see what's inside.  I may not have these kind of doors in our home but I do love looking at them, some of them serves as inspirations, still others make my heart sing a happy tune.

All these fascinating door images are from Pinterest.  Have a fascinating and delightful week everyone ♥

An Idyllic Home with a View in Spain

This idyllic home on the coast of Malaga in Spain is so inviting and still looked so lived in. I love the simple comfy furniture and those pillows scattered on the floor and some throws on the couch, makes any guest feel welcome right away. And I adore that this house has a panoramic view of the sea which automatically relaxes and calms anybody. Oh and before I forgot the huge windows with simple sheer white drapes are so wonderful, they allow an abundance of natural light in and at the same time offers a very good view of the sea, you can see them in the living room, dining room, and even on the bedrooms. I could definitely relax in a place like this.

images: micasa

Coastal Living's Ultimate Beach House

Oh I just want to share with you ladies this wonderful Beach House from Coastal Living. I say this place looks really heavenly. Each space is calming, relaxing, and comfy. And I love a porch with rocking chairs, even if I'm still young, that is just MHO by the way, I love rocking chairs makes me feel warm inside and when a porch is overlooking a beach, now that would be a divine place to stay for hours. Check out all the rooms in this beach house and tell me what do you love best about this Ultimate Beach House.