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Innovative Furniture for Small Spaces

Living in a small space is not an excuse for having a badly designed and uninviting living space. Small spaces can be improved by applying some design tricks to make it look bigger and comfortable. Use light color wall paints as dark shades make the space look smaller. You can also make use of lighter shades of fabrics for your slipcovers and curtains. Wide or big windows will help in the ventilation of the space which makes the room airy and fresher thereby making the space look bigger. Adding mirrors in a room is a common solution to make the room bigger but do not make the mirror face a dull wall because it will just make the room look more compact. Organize your things and make use of storage boxes and shelves. Small spaces can also be improved by using furniture and fixtures that are really created for compact living and small spaces. The use of bunk beds and sofa beds are becoming popular among people who are making the most of their small living spaces. Below are some interesting and appealing bunk beds and sofa beds that might help in making your small space look clutter-free and organized without compromising design and style. With these made for small space innovative fixtures you can still achieve a functional, appealing and comfortable living space.

photos: CLEI UK


Anonymous said...

I've seen wall beds before - but a sofa that converts to a bunk? and the desk bed. All very stylish. I want them!

Anonymous said...

These are really innovative and stylish too - perfect for studio apartments. I wonder though how much they cost!

modern said...

Innovative Furniture for Small Spaces
I'm quite pleased with the ifonrmation in this post.nice and useful!
thank you!

sofa table said...

Mom's Turf
Fantastic job! Thanks for the post. I really liked being here. Can’t wait for more…