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Country Style Spaces that makes you go Awwww….

These are country style spaces that makes you go Awww…because they are so lovely, nice, and oh so charming. You just gotta love the fabrics, the choice of furniture in each room, the use of colors and flowers, and the unmistakable warmth and homey feel of each of these beautifully designed country style spaces. These are from the portfolio of Diamond Baratta Design, a partnership of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta. Diamond founded his interior design firm in 1974, and Baratta joined Diamond 25 years ago. The focus of the firm is Architectural Interior Design and Decoration. Together, they are heralded as “Decorating's Dynamic Duo” by critically acclaimed House Beautiful magazine.

photos: Diamond Baratta Design


b-chic said...

Awwwww! beautiful pictures, I like your selection and your good taste for beautiful things...thank you for leaving a very nice comment on my blog, I really apreciated it! See you soon

hello gorgeous said...

Pretty - I'm thinking about painting my bedroom blue. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I like the idea of this: Mom's space. Keep out. No kids or husband's allowed. :-)d

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Ooh I love that first room with the lovely domed ceiling - so fresha and pretty.
Thanks for stopping by my blog Ann.

Small House said...

I could live here and love it!
Have a great day.

Sara Christine said...

I love the salmon-colored drapes and chair in that third picture. I have a strange love for anything plaid. Maybe it's because I'm from the Pacific Northwest! :)

*Noelle* said...

WOW!! Love the blue toile room ♥ I love the country look too! Thanks for visiting my blog; how did you find me?? Its always fun to hear where new peeps stumbled upon you from:)


Dave said...

That may be the largest braided rug we've ever seen!

ghost chair said...

country style is just not appealing to me at all. reminds me of my mom's and grandma's homes. I like to, you know, progress onward from that... yuck.