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Barry Dixon's Stylishly Elegant Interiors

Barry Dixon is a very talented world-class designer and a true Southern gentleman whose works and projects never fail to garner admiration from anyone who is fortunate enough to experience and see it. A home or space with a Barry Dixon touch is elegant, stylish and a visual treat because of his skillful use of colors, textures, and patterns. His treatment of light and spaces even the accents and decors he uses captures his tasteful elegance in styling. Barry Dixon also has an award-winning line of furniture, fabric collection, and rug collection which compliments with his international design style.

His new book, which is aptly titled ‘Barry Dixon Interiors’ by Brian D. Coleman features 11 homes which showcases the style and creative genius of Barry Dixon. A very inviting Caribbean Villa, an elegant Embassy in Washington, an interesting Manhattan loft, and his own lavish Elway Hall among other equally spectacular homes are featured in the book. Each home is a testament of Barry’s masterful blend of traditional and contemporary elements and creating astounding spaces that is truly a feast to the eyes and senses. Aside from the many fabulous photos taken by photographer Edward Addeo, valuable design tips from Barry can also be found in the book. ‘Barry Dixon Interiors’ is a good book to have in your own home and a gift that will surely be appreciated by your home-design loving friends this coming holiday.

Below are some of Barry Dixon’s projects.

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columnist said...

The metal(?) mesh plinth with the vase atop is very elegant and robust at the same time. Me like.