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One Cool Cocoon Hammock

I so love hammocks…even by just looking at them, I feel relaxed already. My mind would transport me to a perfect place of vacation and in some private islands in the Caribbean. Hammocks just have that kind of effect on me. We have one when me my brother are growing up and now that I have my own child, we have one for him too. I love the feel of the wind on my face when I’m on a hammock and seeing how my son relaxes on his, I know that he will still remember this same feeling even when he grows up. So you can just imagine my reaction when I saw this very cool Cocoon Hammock with Terrace Base from Henry Hall Designs. It is just fantabulous …and looks real durable and strong too. I just have to feature this wonderfully designed hammock which you can easily assemble outdoors and bring in your family vacations or even just outside your house, in the garden or in the poolside. This cool cocoon hammock will definitely be a hit among your family members and friends.


erin said...

This is the coolest hammock ever!! I LOVE it!!

Carolina Eclectic said...

My husband and I always daydream of napping in a hammock, but don't have one. I would love one that looks like this.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, I love this! Thanks for sharing!