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Red Murano Glass Chandeliers

Murano Island in Venice is famous for its Glass Chandeliers. Murano Island became the most visited of the Venetian Islands because of its popular crystal and glass works. Murano Glass Chandeliers are unique, artistic, and elegant. One will immediately notice a certain elegance and style when entering a room with a Murano Glass Chandelier. The artisan craftsmanship present in a Murano Chandelier also makes it a piece of art and an investment. I personally love the red chandeliers because they immediately grab people’s attention. These red Murano Chandeliers casts warm glow that will be perfect for an entryway, dining room, or family room.

Large Murano Chandelier
by LU MURANO crafted by Fabio Fornasier

De Majo 'Cosmospora' Chandelier
Design by Maria Grazia Rosin


Choo Choo said...

I'm drooling over these; would LOVE to get a red one for my office!

colin said...

wow those are really pretty red. would love to get one

Alberto said...

You can see this website