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A Rustic Style Kitchen

I love rustic style kitchens because they look warm, cozy, and charming. Whenever I see a rustic/western style kitchen that is beautifully designed it gives me an old fashioned feeling of family, love, simplicity and togetherness. I saw this Rustic/Western Style kitchen design in Western Interiors and Design and I was in awe of its beautiful design coupled with sensible functionality. The moss rock fireplace and wooden beams are simply charming. The kitchen plate racks are immaculately placed and balanced near and just above the white farmhouse sink. This is the kind of kitchen that I would love to have for our weekend house. I love a kitchen with a beautiful kitchen island that will allow me to have extra working space when preparing meals and with enough storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils. This is a spacious that will also allow family members and friends to engage in a good conversation while preparing a sumptuous meal for family and friends.

Custom black-lacquered alder cabinetry by Robert Palomba is complemented by honed Pietra Cardoza granite countertops in a kitchen by Carney Architects and designer Victoria Hagan. The moss rock fireplace has a cantilevered hammered-stone hearth slab. A white farmhouse sink is fitted with Waterworks faucets. From Western Interiors and Design.


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Susan Graham said...

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