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Flower Power

Seeing flowers
makes me happy.
And having some
in my home
makes my spaces
look more fresh and lovely.
Oh flowers just brighten up
any space
and one's day automatically.
I still have to see a flower
that I wouldn't like
for I like and love any and every
flower that came my way
so far.
Enjoy these gorgeous
flower images,
just images but
I hope they will brighten up
your day.

Lovely Pink Roses

A perfect spot.
Lavender field and some drink.
Anyone care to join me?

Who wouldn't want a flower with
a diamond ring?

Beautiful flowers in colored bottles.

A bouquet of lovely flowers, gorgeous hair, and Eiffel.
What a wonderful image.

Beautiful roses in a bottle of Chanel No.5

I love flowers on my coffee table

What a love street full of pink flowers.

Love this image.
So sweet with that three pink flowers
on a cute mug and books.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of flowers. They are very inspiring. Keep in touch

Kizzy Von Doll said...

I love it, flowers are wonderful and I always miss them in the winter...beautiful pictures. Happy weekend doll xx