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I heart this . . . vibrant Living Space

I heart this colorful and vibrant living space. The use of just the right amount of reds and purples in this room makes it a luxurious and a very elegant living space. The colors did not darken the space but lifts up the energy of this living space. Another thing I love about this living space are the glass door and walls that allows natural light to get in the room and treats the people inside an instant view of the lovely outdoor environment of the house. Its high ceilings make it airy and spacious giving the space a grand and majestic ambiance. It is evident that with the presence of the piano and the lovely sofa set, this room is a place for good times and interesting conversations among family members and friends. The rug design is also making its own statement of style and elegance. This living space is designed by the talented Interior Designer Jill Hertz.

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Angel said...

Hi, great photos. looks like a kind of place everybody will like to live in.