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Eye-catching Ceramic Vases and Vessels

Ceramic decors have long been a part of our homes. Ceramic pieces are made out of clay and fired to form artful pieces of vase, vessels and other decors and works of art. Ceramic vases and vessels are some of the most popular items that we love to decorate our homes. They make our homes lovelier and interesting whether they are with flowers, branches, or with nothing at all. Ceramic vases come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. But it is always nice to have vases and vessels that differ from ordinary looking ones. Michael Wisner's ceramic vases and vessels are hand coiled and flawlessly incised with a rhythmic texture and pattern. His ceramics are made with clays and minerals gathered by hand from the Elk Mountains of Colorado. The shape, texture, and form of his ceramic vases and vessels are simple yet eye-catching, a great addition to your ceramic collection or to your beautiful home.

"My work explores innovation in traditional ceramics. My goal is to take old techniques and combine them with contemporary ideas to create a visual effect that tickles the senses. I like art that is infused with the comfort of familiarity and the excitement of something new."- Michael Wisner

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