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Blue Bedrooms

Blue is a popular color for bedrooms especially for boys but it can also be a charming color for a bedroom irregardless of your age and gender. Blue is the color of peacefulness, calmness, and serenity. Making it the dominant color of a bedroom will give a calm and peaceful feeling to its occupant/s. But it is also advised not to use too much blue in the bedroom because too much of this color will make a space feel cold and depressing. Blue can be easily used and combined with other colors to add style and elegance. Blue is great with white and many people use this combination for a more relaxed and comfortable feel. Blue and white in bedrooms also give a romantic touch to the space that is why it is also popular among women. Blue can also be used with green especially if the dweller is a boy or a man because both colors are perceived as a masculine. A splash of a little yellow, orange, and red in blue bedrooms add energy and radiance. Blue bedrooms need not be boring and traditional, just use your imagination and creativity to create a calm and tranquil blue bedroom of your own.

Here are some Blue Bedroom Design Ideas.

Jill Hertz

Indigo Island - Caribbean

Lori Dennis

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