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Yellows in your Living Room

A living room should always have a comfortable and cheerful ambiance. It is where you entertain guests, have family conversations, and where you usually lounge around. This room should always be filled with good times and happiness. It is usually the first place to be seen when entering your house that is why it is also called a front room. Adding a splash of yellows in your living room will make it cheerful, comfortable, and will make the surrounding more pleasant and warm. The yellow color is associated with sunshine, joy, happiness, intellect and energy. Although moderation is needed in using yellows to decorate your living room because too much of this color may have a disturbing effect. Babies are known to cry more in yellow rooms and people lose their tempers more in a yellow surrounding. It is not advisable for people to have a yellow wall together with yellow colored sofa together with other yellow decors. Because yellow is an attention grabbing color, it can be overwhelming and unbearable if too much of it will be used in your living room. A yellow wall, a yellow curtain, a yellow vase, or an artwork with bright yellows will accentuate warmth and energy in your living room, just do not overuse this color. Adding just the right amount of yellow is enough to brighten up your living room.

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