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Rooms with a View

Rooms with a view are pleasing to the eyes because they give a feeling of a bigger and breathing space. You will not feel boxed in a room that opens to a wonderful view and scenery. Giving any room in your house a view is not impossible because with the new materials available in the market today this is easily achievable. There are several things that you can do to make any room in your house have a nice view. You may choose to make your windows wider or use glass windows. You may use sliding doors that will open up to a lush garden or other panoramic view like the mountains or the beach that will readily give the room more space and air. Sliding doors may be wood, vinyl, or glass. If you will use wood and vinyl then you will have to open the door wide enough to enjoy the view and get natural light and air to your home. Using glass however will let you see the view even if it is closed. In addition to using a glass sliding door you may also opt to have glass walls for a wider view. With the new technology of glass today, they can even filter UV light and give thermal protection. Some people are hesitant to use glass walls because of privacy issues especially those living in high rise condominiums. You may install thick curtains to your glass walls and do not open it in times when you want privacy more than the view. These days more and more people wants a have a floor to ceiling glass walls in their house and condominium units. It would be nice to see the lovely sunset or the spectacular view of the city at night through glass walls than just by your windows. It is also more refreshing to have a view of the garden, the beach, or the mountains from your living room, bedroom, dining room, and even from your bathroom. If you do not have enough space for a garden and you do not have the view of the beach, mountain or any natural scenery, you may just use a glass window and just put some orchids or any other nice plants and little fountains outside to have a little landscaped area for you to view from inside your house. Below are some examples of rooms with a view.

Douglas Durkin Design

Douglas Durkin Design

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