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Rocks and Pebbles as Home Furniture

These rocks are home furniture and not real rocks, but they look so real that you might think this would be about landscaping or gardening. Those are floor cushions from SMarin Design. It is designed by Stephanie Marine, a designer who lives in Nice, and creates furniture pieces that are playful and natural, and projects that are a link between art and interior design. These pebbles are part of the Livingstones collection and come in various shapes and sizes and can be a nice addition for contemporary interiors. It can be used as a sofa, lounger, ottoman, bean bag or just plain accessory to a contemporary designed room. This fanciful furniture is for those people who are playful and adventurous in their design style. The indoor collection can be used for the kid’s room, entertainment room, or even in the living room and bedroom, depending on the size and shape. Any item from the outdoor collection would be a fine piece to add drama and style in your lanai and poolside. Depending on your design style and imagination these pebbles and rocks can be a great addition to your home and will definitely be a great conversation piece that will arouse attention and comments among your friends and visitors.

Outdoor Collection

Indoor Collection


home accents furniture said...

It was so cool.... You can place it any whee in your home.... Thanks for the ideas...

ghost chair said...

I love these! the large "rocks" look unnaturally shaped, but the smaller ones are very clever. I love the photos with the kids! too much fun!