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Water Resistant TearDrop iPod Speaker

This TearDrop iPod Water Resistant Speaker is not only striking but also very useful. Because it comes in a variety of colors, you can choose what will suit the place where you will most likely use it often. This can be a very good gift for your teenager or to yourself, after all we all like to listen to our favorite music. I personally like the orange one because the color brightens any surrounding it will be placed into. With this iPod water resistant speaker, you can now listen to your favorite music anywhere you go, you can bring your iPod in the bathroom while taking a bath, to the beach, swimming pool, kitchen, and in the backyard and garden without worrying that you may wet and damage your iPod. And this iPod speaker being water resistant does not mean you should only use it in water surroundings, with its stylish shape and features you can bring and use it anywhere to protect your iPod. This can also be a good looking house decor and will be a great addition in any room of your house if your interiors are modern, eclectic, or even in some contemporary designs, but may not be a good decor for homes with rustic, western, and even victorian interior design style. This good-looking iPod Water Resistant Speaker operates on batteries and can be used for iPods such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle or other MP3 Players.


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