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Choosing the right Color for your Rooms

Many people use whites and neutrals to paint the walls of their rooms, and there are still many people who opt to be safe in putting colors to their walls and just rely on fixtures, and accessories to brighten up their space. But nowadays, more and more people are being adventurous in using colors to spice up their homes. Colors can invoke different feelings, moods and ambiance in a room, it can create comfort, excitement, relaxation, and creativeness. We must use colors according to our needs, preferences, and personality. Before choosing a color to use for your rooms, determine the kind of feeling you would want to feel when you are in that space, for example in a bedroom, would you want to be relaxed or passionate? To help you decide what colors are right to use, knowing what effect each colors has on individuals can help.

Red is known to stimulate a faster breathing and heartbeat and increases one’s adrenaline level. It is the color of passion, love, and excitement. It can also be the color of war and anger. Among the Chinese, red is the color of prosperity and good fortune. You can see reds almost everywhere in Hong Kong. Red color is also a drawer of attention.

Blue is the color of calmness, peacefulness, and serenity. It is also a symbol of loyalty and belongingness. Blue is the color of nature, the color of the ocean and sky. The color blue is said to produce calming chemicals in human beings, and its calming effects make us feel relaxed, it is a popular color for the bedroom. Some studies show that people are more productive in blue environments or wearing blue clothes, that is why there are many companies that use this color for their employees’ uniforms. But too much blue can be cold and depressing, that’s why they call it the blues.

Green like blue is the color of nature. Green is the color of life, abundance, health and fertility. Green has the same coolness and calmness that the color blue evokes. Green stimulates balance and harmony and it gives a feeling of synchronicity. It is a very popular decorating color because it gives any space a relaxed atmosphere. Green is also associated with greed and envy.

Yellow is the color of radiance, sunshine, optimism, joy, wisdom and idealism. Yellow enhances concentration and wisdom. Yellow is also the color of deceit and cowardice. Use yellow in rooms where you need to get concentration and use your intellect. Yellow is also known to speed up metabolism and increase self-esteem. The brightness of this color will easily liven up any dark or dull room, yellow will also give your room a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Purple is the color of luxury, opulence, wealth, royalty, self-indulgence, imagination, sophistication and mystery. It is a romantic and whimsical color and at times feminine. Purple is known to boost the imagination and creativity. Deep purple is associated with royalty, riches and authority. It is said to be the favorite color of Cleopatra.

Orange is the combination of red and yellow. It is less aggressive and daring than red but also gets attention. It is the color of sociability, energy and friendliness. Orange is a stimulant like red, it stimulates appetite and emotions. The use of orange in restaurants and dining rooms is getting more popular these days because it is known to be a color that promotes spirited and lively conversations as well as good times. Orange is the color of change, it is the color of the fall season, pumpkins, autumn leaves and the setting sun.

Pink is the color of romance and a favorite of young adolescent girls because it is associated with sweetness. Too much use of Pink is said to invoke a feeling of physical weakness, and is often associated with women who are often referred to as the weaker sex. Pink is also a color love, happiness, and contentment.

See the photos below of a bedroom painted with different colors and you will see how each of these colors affect the entire space. I used the Color Smart Tool of Behr which allows you to preview your own photos to see how it will look like when painted with different colors.

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