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 I love spending time outdoors
especially now that the cold winds and rains
are nowhere.
I love lounging in the backyard or porch
reading and imagining things
or playing and working with my laptop
or just listening to music
while relaxing.
I love al fresco dining
especially when the table is
mindfully set with lots of flowers
and pretty plates. Gorgeous lighting is a
must when the gathering is set at night.
I also love camping especially when I
was younger, camping and hiking actually
not so much now as I get tired
faster but I am on my way to
a fitter me again through proper diet
and exercising.
Oh and I love to sail,
to me there nothing more relaxing
and peaceful as that of sailing,
looking at the sea and feeling
the breeze of sea air
plus that silence
and serenity that you can only get
when you're sailing.



* Helen * said...

Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing :)

I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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designchic said...

So many gorgeous images. Love the swing and the pair of chair swings…beautiful!