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A Cozy Home in Mallorca

I love this cozy home in  Mallorca
because it is very inviting and serene.
I love the mix of textures
very much,
from the rough stone walls
to the shiny cabinets and counters
on the sleek kitchen
to the comfy and soft rugs
and I love the texture of that charming 
coffee table.
I love the use of indigenous materials
in some of the furniture and fixtures,
so natural and beautiful.
And who wouldn't love that incredible
pool area 
it is so very calming
and its clear waters look
very inviting as if pulling you to go
and take a dive.
Oh I can see myself in those
poolside chairs relaxing
and taking a sip of my iced tea or
maybe a cocktail depending on the time
of day.
Ha! There I go dreaming again.

images: NE

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whipped cream said...

That's so inspiration! Amazing!!!