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Colorful Fresh Bungalow

This colorful bungalow
in Madrid
looks so fresh
and vibrant with the
beautiful mix of colors,
patterns, and textures. I love the
many spaces that looks so
relaxing and allows
the dwellers to enjoy the
natural and green surroundings.
I love the emerald green flooring of
the bedroom,
 the lovely large and colorful carpet
on the living room/fireplace,
the cozy dining area,
the black and white
and of course the
relaxing outdoor space.

images: NE


Milex said...

I am spechless

Giulia said...

Love this pics, so colorful :D

Viviana Norden said...

Such a beautiful, colorful space!

Gail J said...

very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome interiors!

Love the bathroom


Elle Sees said...

i really like how color was used in this space

S said...

These colors are so bright and lively!
Make that home relaxing and happy!

Diana Mieczan said...

That living room carpet totally stole my heart. It's stunning and the kitchen table must be mine. What a gem:) Happy Wednesday, darling.