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A Relaxed and LaidBack House in Provence

Oh how I love the relaxed and laidback style 
of this house in Provence.
Both the interiors and outdoors
gives off the lazy feel ambience and
the easy  living we can only find in natural
surroundings and the countryside.
The porch shown above has the natural
stone walls and comfy grey
sitting space.
And I love bedroom where
beds are placed side by side straight from
the floor futon style with
a huge window that opens up to a very
wonderful view of the countryside.
And the black and white kitchen
looks sleek but has a certain warmness too.
And look at that poolside with pink
walls... isn't that lovely?

source: marieclairemaison


Marina said...

Wow, and look at that last picture, I would love to be there and just relax!

Fashion-Bridge said...

Amazing,beautiful and very relaxed place



Tiffany said...

a house in provence sounds like a dream. what wonderful images to help with daydreaming :)

Tricia said...

Good heavens, it looks wonderful there! :)

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

That first picture looks so inviting - I would lie out there all day to read, daydream and nap! x Sharon