Serene and Idyllic Home Close to Nature

This home is so serene and idyllic
with mountains as backdrops
and sea on the other side.
The rooms are super lovely too.
I love the kitchen
it is spacious, orderly, and love the open
shelving and lots of storage spaces.
One can really feel nature
in this inviting home
with a lovely outdoor pool
and patio.



source: elmueble


S said...

The perfect home for vacations, so fresh and light!

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing interior! I love the colors combo:)

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Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

This is a really beautiful place, love the light in every room.

DolceDreams said...

i could move in right now....I love all of your home finds!
I hope you had a delightful weekend,

The Domestic Sweetheart said...

I agree it is very fresh & beautiful!