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Dramatic Stairways

Stairways may be straight, spiral, round, high, or low and can be as creative and as grand as the owner or designer may want it to be. Beautifully designed stairways definitely make a statement of elegance, grandness, and style in a home. Stairs are functional but can also be a good way to personalize your home and at the same time make it a creative part of your home. Stairs allows the homeowner versatility in making a style statement of his own in his own home. Dramatic stairways are always nice to look at and add a timeless appeal and structural aesthetics in any room, space or home.

Barry Dixon

Architectural Digest

Dream Home Design

Traditional Home


Anonymous said...

Really stunning pictures. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will come back.

I will certainly be visiting here again. ~ tricia

Penny said...

Love the "Dream Home design" And the "Apartment Therapy"
Beautiful Post!

Jennifer said...

Great inspiration however, any photos available of more common/relistic homes? Thank you for the variaton though.

Cote de Texas said...

there's some great eye candy there - a beautiful staircase can make a regular house great, a bad one can make a great house bad! that's my motto today! haha!!!

thanks for the comment tonight - mich appreciated.

M.Kate said...

Any of these stairways beats mine anytime...very beaufitul. Hope you'll have a great weekend soon... :D

vicki archer said...

Beautiful staircases - especially the first. Thank you for stopping by French Essence, great to have found you. xv

Sweet Caroline said...

WOW!!! I looked at all these pictures with my mouth dropped open! These are the best home decor pics I have seen in a long, long time. And, to have Nate there, too! What a treat to start the whole day! Thank you for posting such fun things.

ghost chair said...

what is it about staircases that makes them so... intriguing and inviting? my aunt used to have a house with a spiral staircase into the basement and I was always fascinated by it!

luxury dream homes said...

Awesome designs of the interior home