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Sexy Chairs

I like everything sexy, something in them that makes me keep in touch with my feminine side. So when I saw these sexy chairs while surfing the web I can not help but like them and appreciate them. Some of the chairs are really meant to be sexy and their designs are inspired by feminine body parts and girly things but still others I just find them sexy. These sexy chairs may not go with every home design style and they may not look good in every kind of home but I think they are still worth sharing.

The Living Chair
This looks like a sexy lady sitting with her legs crossed.

The Lips Chair.
This lips chair is an eye-catcher that has chrome legs and braces and is upholstered with a plush fabric.
High Heel Shoe Chair
All women love high heels and this one looks real sexy.

The Hand Chair
This would look good in modern design living rooms

This chair would definitely be a conversation piece anywhere you put it.

1940's French Slipper Chairs. Its red and its French so it must be sexy.

Nicole Cohen's reinterpretation of one of the Getty's 18th-century French chairs.

I wouldn't know if you'll agree that this chair is sexy, but I think it is.
Just its color makes me want to sit on it.

Oh this is no chair, its a bench, but I find it sexy so its here. This carved Budoir Bench Circa 1900 with fluted mahogany legs with fabric in white cotton duck and shag carpet looks so luxurious, girly, and sexy.


Margaret said...

The boudoir bench and 1940s slipper chair look like a lot of fun. I'd love to see my husband's face if I brought any of them home, though!

Devonia said...

Oh My gosh, omigosh!Those first three chairs blew me away! Ann!!!! How DO you uncover this great stuff?!?!