Eating in the Toilet is becoming a Fad

Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan is fast gaining popularity because of its theme, what else, but by being a toilet. If a person would ask me to put up a restaurant with this theme, I would definitely say no, because who would want to eat in the toilet. But I may be wrong since this restaurant is becoming popular everyday not just to locals but also to tourists. And because of their theme, they are getting lots of free publicity. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can eat noodles from a toilet bowl. And I do not want my food served in a flat bowl that looks like a male urinal, or in bath-tub shaped bowls. And I can not eat ice cream that is shaped like shit. But I definitely enjoy looking at these pictures. And their customers look like they are enjoying the food. It really pays to go out of the box and be different sometimes, for all you know, you are not different after all.

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