Sneaker Love

There used to be a time
when sneakers are
worn with jeans, shorts and
sweatpants only
or when you are running
but not anymore.
Many fashionistas are now
rocking the sneakers
with their skirts, dress,  and
even gowns. Woman
are even wearing them to
their wedding...
and why not?
Sneakers are so comfy
and I love their style.
Sneakers appeal to me
very very much.



Pretty Balcony with Flowers

I love to have a porch
or a balcony like this too.
Somewhere to relax and
maybe read a book or entertain 
friends. I want one with white wicker
furniture, swing, and lots of
pretty flowers too.

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Gorgeous Home in Brisbane

This gorgeous home in Brisbane
looks so relaxing
with its lanai by the garden
looking so serene
with its green and white
color theme.
I think that would be my favorite
space in this house.
And oh I love the simplicity
of the dining room
with its rustic table and
a lovely lighting fixture.
And I love the 
I am loving that this room
has lots of mirrors
in just one wall
yet it does not look crazy
at all and there are ample
natural light coming in this bathroom
and the marble is awesome.
This home in Brisbane
really is gorgeous.

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