Weekend Moods

It is the weekend
I hope everybody will have
a wonderful time. May it be spent
outdoors or indoors,
with family and/or friends or alone.
Just enjoy!



Gorgeous Industrial Loft

This is a gorgeous
industrial loft. Not too feminine,
not too masculine... but oh so cosy.
I love the mix of textures
the bricks, the woods,
the metals and those glasses
oh they work together so well
in this gorgeous loft.
I love that some of the pipes
are in display
and not in a shabby way
and look some are even used
as railings on the
second floor.
Love the furniture too
modern and sleek
and comfy.
I love the dining room
I always want to be able to look beyond
the dining area
when eating
and of course a lovely garden
would be a welcome
treat. Not only it relaxes
but it also opens up the space.
And look at those lovely lighting
fixtures in this gorgeous loft...
all are artistically done
and lovely.

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