Pretty Tea Cups and Flowers

I love tea cups of all
colors, sizes, and design.
I also love all kinds of flowers
and together these two feminine
pretty things are a sight of delight for
my eyes.
Together, tea cups and flowers
looks so lovely and fresh
and there is a certain softness
in them that I love so much.
So next time you take your
take time to pick
some flowers in the garden
to bring a pretty ambiance
to your tea time.
Flowers in a tea cup
makes my day
happier and lovelier.

A SoHo Loft

I love lofts
because of their open space
design. This gorgeous SoHo loft
is well-designed and has a warm ambiance.
I love the browns
in this loft
which adds coziness and elegance.
And those silver chairs in the kitchen
are lovely
and so does all the lamps and
lighting fixtures.
The bookcase and display area
serves as a lovely nook
simply designed
but very eye-catching.
The bedroom is so cozy
and that wooden headboard
is cool and so is the fur on the foot
of the comfy bed.
I love the clean and sleek 
no-nonsense bathroom.
Oh and that chanel pillow...I really want!


Pretty Random