Relaxing White Home

I love this relaxing
white home.
So calm and serene
lacking aesthetics.
With just the right amount
of colors
to liven up some
this home looks so
and very livable.
 This home looks so clutter-free
and very orderly.
I love the pretty pieces
of wood furniture
scattered in this relaxing
white home.
And look at that amazing
sink in the last pic
looks just like a wonderful piece
of art.

images: femina

Charming Farm House

This is such a charming farm house
with beautiful shades of yellow
and brown and gray.
I love the use of many wood
in the interiors combined
with adobe and dried mud walls.
And isn't those exposed wooden
beams a delight to the eyes?
The bedroom looks
so homey
and cozy
makes you want to
stay there for long hours
and just go out
when really needed.
I really think that the attic bathroom
is charming
no fuss 
but just a wonderful
and quiet place
to bathe one's self.
The outdoors is calm
and serene
typical farm house
with large greeneries
I'm sure it can easily be 
transformed into a place
of gathering when the occasion calls 
for it but at the
same time lovely place of relaxation too
on ordinary days.


A Villa with Stunning Sea Views

What a lovely villa
with stunning sea views.
A perfect place for relaxation
and some needed downtime.
I am specially loving the white interiors
that looks so dainty and gives
off such a calm vibe.
The glass walls and windows
are perfect around this villa
to enjoy the stunning sea views
wherever you are in this beautiful
The poolside
is spectacular with enough
space to host a party
it is sure to be a cool and lovely
place day and night.
Oh how about that tub?
It must be so fab
to relax in there while
taking all that wonderful view
and oh I'll definitely have a glass of wine
and a book
to accompany me while
taking that luxurious bath.

images: myhouseidea

Gorgeous Relaxing Home

Every home should be gorgeous
depending on the taste
of the dwellers of course
every home should be 
a haven for those who live in it.
A home should be a place
of comfort, tranqulity,
and security.
And our home should be the
place we would want to go back
to again and again
so it is very important that one
should  build a home
according to his preferences.
And this gorgeous and relaxing home
is just right up my alley
I love the exposed woods
the elegance
and tranquility it imbibes.
Oh the kitchen is super
pretty if you ask me and that
tub is absolutely gorgeous.
The outdoor space
is relaxing
but at the same time has
a touch of elegance
a perfect place for hip gatherings
as well as for intimate conversations.
I love a home like this.

A Beautiful White Villa in Sweden

It is always been my wish
to have a white house of my own
somewhere so relaxing
and filled with girly decors
and accents
where I can hibernate for awhile
and enjoy a
world with little or no chaos
just silence and light and air
very much like this beautiful white villa
in Sweden.
When I saw this white villa
I was immediately smitten
and wish I could someday really
live in a home
so relaxing
and oh so white.
I so love the cabinetry
and simplicity
of the furniture
in this home
and that home office
is so beautiful
I could only wish for one such
space in my current home.

images: 79 ideas

Fresh and Colorful Home in Madrid

This Fresh and Colorful Home in Madrid
is so gorgeous.
I love the wonderful mix of textures
the beautiful pops of colors
and the awesome
 play of different patterns.
Oh how I heart all the lighting fixtures
in this home
and I mean all
for each of them has charm that
adds so much style in this Madrid home.
I also adore the lush rugs and carpets
spread in each room
the patterns and colors
gives a lot of liveliness and fun.
And don't get me started about
the mix of eclectic furniture
that fills this fresh and colorful home in Madrid.
You can see it for yourself
and enjoy the aesthetics of how lovely
 these furniture are individually
and how beautiful
they are mixed together.
And just a side note
the bathroom mirrors
are awesome.

source: NuevoEstilo