Cozy and Fun Attic Apartment

 Love this cozy,
cool and fun attic apartment.
The wooden pillars are
and all those graphic
signs are fun and lovely.
Oh and all those chairs
are so cool to have.

images: Behance

A Cool Industrial Home in London

This industrial
home in London looks
so cool and cozy.
I heart the walls
the stone walls, the warm colored walls
and even those
that look so bare and raw.
Oh the mix of textures
in this industrial home is brilliant
and the furniture
are all stylish.
The kitchen looks so
yet there's no coldness in there
at all
in fact it has a warm vibe
and the shelves
look lovely in there.
And that bedroom
and bathroom looks real
awesome too.

images: decoholic

White Attic Apartment in Stockholm

Love the shelves in this
white attic apartment in Stockholm.
Love the use of greys too
in the  white interiors.
and the view from
those windows
are wonderful.

images: cuded

Bungalow in Denmark

Fresh, airy, and
has abundant natural light
this bungalow in Denmark
looks amazing.
I love the white and glass wall
it really made
the spaces/rooms
look a lot bigger
than they really are.
And look at that porch
I mean it is a place
of beauty and serenity
a place in this home where the
family can unwind
and chill everyday.


Gorgeous Manor in Spain

The interiors of this
Gorgeous Manor in Spain
is beautiful with a touch
of laidback elegance.
But what really gets me
is the beautiful
I mean look
at that pool
and the uber gorgeous patio.
Such a lovely space
to unwind,
dream, and while away the hours
or maybe even days.
Love it!

images: Weranda

A Fresh Home with Amazing Views

I love everything
I see in here
especially the amazing views.
Living here must feel
like on an eternal vacation
the kind that makes you
forget the deadlines
and the bills.
Relaxation, luxury
and beauty
is what this fresh home has
and it is what
most of us shoots for.

images: NE