Celebrities rocking the Dungarees

The Dungarees
or the overalls has made a 
comeback in the fashion scene. 
It has been a favorite outfit
of celebrities both male and female
then and now.
And why not?
The dungarees are comfy
and gives  you additional cool points.
Anybody wearing it
looks so carefree and so cool
and who wouldn't want to be
like that.
Dungarees look great in denim
or leather
and  may come in a variety of colors
commonly the blue denims or white denims,
and of course in black
leather too.
And it even looks great in yellow just like
the one worn by Princess Diana,
oh but she can wear anything
See these celebrities below
rocking their dungarees
in style
then and now.


 Olivia Palermo

 Emma Watson



Miley Cyrus

Princess Kate

 Will Smith and son Jayden

Brad Pitt


George Clooney

 Pharell Williams

Justin Bieber

A Rustic and Enchanting Home

This rustic and enchanting home
looks so relaxing.
The outdoors take my breath away
with its lovely cozy nooks
and perfect relaxing views.
I am loving the stone
walls and tiles
in both the indoors and outdoor
they add so much charm
in this rustic and enchanting home.
The furniture are a perfect
match to this lovely country home
as they are mostly comfy and homey
so inviting that one would immediately
feel at home in this lovely country
Oh and I love the kitchen
so simple
and rustic
yet filled with sleek
love the mix of style here.

Anybody who lives in the city
or spends quite a lot of time in the city
would sure appreciate a
week or two of vacation
in a lovely country home like this.

Images: El Mueble