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Blue and White Greek Villas

If you are a regular visitor
on this blog of mine
you'll know that I super love
Greek Villas
because they are so relaxing
and often have spectacular sea views
plus I love how they do 
blue and white interiors.
Oh just look at the bedroom pic above
isn't that blue ceiling gorgeous?
Check out the other rooms
below and tell me
if you aren't inspired
with these lovely and relaxing
rooms and spaces.

images: mykonosblu

A Modern Waterfront Property in France

I love waterfront properties
as this one located in France.
The air is fresh
the view is spectacular
and the pool looks so inviting.
The interiors are modern
and the kitchen looks
but what really gets me
is the fabulous outdoor spaces
of this waterfornt
property in France.


A Stunning Stone Farmhouse

This stunning farmhouse in France
is so serene and charming.
The stonewalls and whitewashed walls
gives warmth and inviting touch
to this place which is once a place
for olive oil production.
I heart the kitchen of this farmhouse
which was once a vaulted cellar
house for the olive oils
and where the stone has 
been left as is exposed and so charming 
and the dining space
with its mismatched wrought iron chairs.
And the outdoors
is magnificent complete with a pool
and beautiful stone walls.

 images: MD              

Breathtaking Classic French Chateau


 This classic French Chateau
is so breathtaking
with charming towers and turrets
that takes you back in time
and reminds you of the fairy tales
you read as a child.
This French Chateau may have
maintained its classic looks
but it also boasts of modern facilities.
Oh how I love the breathtaking views
of vines, woodland, fields and meadows...
just look at the last pic.
The interiors are so lovely
I just can't get enough of the
old stone walls and exposed wooden beams.
Every room is a sight to behold
especially the bedrooms.

images: CFC