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A Modern Industrial Loft of Whites and Bricks

The hundred year old bricks in this loft
is divine and suits really well
with the white walls and lovely
artworks and gold mirrors.
The steel barn door 
that separates the living room and the bedroom
is made of 200-year old
pine floor boards that looks
really amazing and a real piece
of art in itself.
And I love how comfy
that gray couch is...yes comforts is
one of my requirements for a couch
if not my first and only requirement.
The kitchen looks so simple
and its minimalist style
just gives off a really fresh and
neat ambiance.   The little chandy
and the black and white flea market chairs
are just the right stuff in this minimalist kitchen
with sleek kitchen appliances and gorgeous
brick ceilings.
A bat display in the bathroom is
truly a surprise, 
I mean who would have thought
of putting a bat in there
that space is so white,
so clean and then there it is a bat... 
but somehow it works too.
No need for dramatic curtains
in this lovely loft,
oh no, just plain white flowing curtains will do.
For me, there is nothing amiss
in this modern industrial loft
of whites and bricks in Wroclaw, Poland.


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