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Rocking the Ripped Jeans

I love ripped jeans
and believe me I have quite a lot of them.
You can wear them with heels, sneakers,
or even just with flip-flops
and they look so good.
And with ripped jeans
it doesn't matter what your top is
because it looks so good with anything.
Wear it with a glittery top
or shirt or sleeveless tee and it still looks good.
And when wearing ripped jeans
you automatically get
coolness points
for only cool people rocks
ripped jeans.


Zoya said...

świetne spodnie ! <3

Launna said...

The ripped jeans look good... I've never worn the look but it does look good on others... they can be dressed up or down :-) ♡

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.

FamousBlog said...

3rd foto is beautiful :)

Pura Vida said...

I love how they look with heels