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Relaxing White Home in Ibiza

This relaxing white home in Ibiza
is a perfect abode for people
who would want to have a serene and calm
surrounding when they get home.
I love the all white walls which
makes the spaces look bigger
and relaxing.
The use of simple and comfortable
also adds to the coziness of this home
and the pops of color from the rugs
is a welcome liveliness
to the living spaces.
I love the outdoor area
of this relaxing white home
not only is it spacious but also
it has comfortable couches
and sturdy tables.
The couches are quite wide
which can also serve as
a napping space or reading area,
well at least for me.
The trees and plants surrounding the
patio adds a lot of freshness
in this space too.
And al fresco dining
and good conversations
are sure to be shared here
with family and friends.

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1 comment:

Kizzy Von Doll said...

This is a wonderful place, love the space and light :) Happy week to you xx