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Lovely L-Shaped Kitchen

This lovely L-shaped kitchen
has an open plan
which makes it look
bigger and orderly and has a
nice and functional peninsula
separating it from the
dining area.
I love the flooring
of this L-shaped kitchen because
of its unshiny texture
and I feel it is much safer to
have a floor like this
where spilling is more likely to happen.
I love the wide windows too
because it gives a great view
and natural light can come in freely.
The retro-style white backsplash
looks amazing too
as well as the woods used
on the ceiling and walls.
The kitchen appliances are sleek
and modern a lovely
contrast to the simple kitchen design.
And I love that this L-shaped kitchen
has lots of storage space too
for that is a must
for me when it comes to kitchens.

images: housetohome

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