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Little Italy House in Canada

I found this lovely home
while surfing the net. Yes, I want
to surf the net and look for homes for rent
or sale and do some virtual open house visit.
And yes, I'm not also buying or renting
in the near future in this location
but I want to see how other people would
design and furnish their homes.
While doing so,
I found this cosy little house for rent
called little Italy in Montreal, Canada
and I liked it immediately.
It is like  living in your own home, although
when we travel, we as in my family of three
we always opt for staying in a hotel
but this home makes me want to try
to rent a house.
I love its lovely garden
which looks relaxing
and I do love a hammock in a house.


1 comment:

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Wonderful home :) xx