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An Idyllic and Charming Cottage

This idyllic and charming cottage
has a lot of beautiful things going on.
I love the stone walls,
the distressed furniture,
the colorful interiors,
and its all-around cozy feel.
I love that outdoor dining area
because of its wonderful tiles and
the flowery plants above it.
It must be so nice to
have an al fresco
dining experience in there.
And I love the charming and inviting
vibes of the interior spaces of this
The pool looks amazing too
and now that the cold days are soon
gone, the pool area is sure to be a
popular place to hang out in this
charming cottage.
 And that Kate Moss pic
in that bedroom looks awesome.



Fresh Is Yummy said...

Love that pictures! Great post!

sonia de macedo said...

Wow this is such a calming and restful place. Imagine spending a long weekend indulging here.

P.S: I hope you're doing much better now, health wise!

Sybilla said...


Emmylou said...

Oh my gosh! I wanna live in all these places!