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A Tranquil White Beach House in California

 What a gorgeous tranquil
beach house this is.
The all white slipcovers on the
comfortable sofas with luxurious Hermes
throws made the living
room not only inviting but also so relaxing.
The living room also has a stone fireplace and
a door that opens up to a
picturesque view of the Pacific
Ocean, now that is amazing.
I love the use of some distressed wood
on the furniture and the
presence of antiques in this white
beach house
which for me adds so much charm.
And the bedroom that has barn
doors for headboard
is really beautiful.
But I guess if I'm in this white beach house
I would spend a lot of time
in the patio fire pit overlooking
the ocean
with a book and drinks in the morning
and enjoying the ocean breeze
as it touches my face
and at night I would want to
have a loved one or a friend in there
with me to share some stories
or even just small talk.
I love conversations
spent on the lovely places
like this beautiful fire pit
and of course at night
the moon and the stars above
would add a lot of magnificence
in that beautiful setting.
Oh how nice it would be to spend
even just a few days of my Summer
in a place like this tranquil white beach
house in California.

images: HB

1 comment:

Pura Vida said...

Love the feel of a summer place... the song too