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A Beautiful French Estate in Arizona

If ever I get to build my
dream farm house or weekend house
I would want it to look like this beautiful
French Estate in Scottsdale, Arizona.
I am so in love with the exposed
wooden beams on the ceiling
it gives so much charm and coziness
and I can imagine myself sitting
or lying in the sofa
looking up and enjoying the view
I'm getting.
I also love the rustic and laidback
vibe this home gives
that you can only find in the French countryside,
yes I am a self-confessed Francophile.
The muted color palette gives a very
soothing feel
and the flooring and stone walls
to me
is divine.
I love every room
especially the kitchen with all
those copper pans that reminds me of 
my grandmother's kitchen.
The grand entryway is perfect,
with an entryway like that you'll know that
you are in for beautiful  interiors.
And who wouldn't love that tub in the
dreamy bathroom
plus that outdoor bath area
looks amazing too.
Oh how I wish I have a place
like this.

images:  HA

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