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Charming Summer House

This is such a charming
Summer House
from its outdoors to every
space of its interiors.
It has a very pretty light pink facade
that makes you realize right away
that this Summer Home
is a fresh and sweet place.
The outdoor space has a 
dining space that can also be used for
lounging and entertaining
a few friends and family
during hot summer days.
And I also love the well manicured
garden with lovely trees
that even has pretty bird houses
on them.
And inside,
oh the interiors
are relaxing but not lacking in
style, it is cozy but with
elegance. And surprise,
with a pale pink facade you would think
the interiors would be very feminine
but this charming summer house
is not too feminine.
It has a relaxing vibe that
is so inviting and there are plants and
wide glass walls
that makes it look like an extension of
its outdoor space.
I love the charming wallpapers
and tiles and its lovely flooring.
The mix of colors in the
design accents and furniture and fixtures
in a white wall background
is lovely.
The transparent ceilings
or skylights are a
charming element in this summer house too
as it allows you to see the sky
I just hope that  it does not
bring too much heat
as much as it gives natural light in.
And I can just imagine looking
up at it during the nights
with all those stars shining bright,
now that would be another charming
experience in this summer house.

images: femina


Launna said...

This really is a very charming house... so pretty and cozy... a really nice summer home :-) ♡

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: awesome house. Great pics, keep in touch

Diana Ashuayem said...

Beautiful inspiration. Thanks for the visit.

Julia said...

Me ha encantado tu post.Te animo a echar un vistazo a mi post verás algunas ideas realmente interesantes, que creo te pueden inspirar. Deseo que pases un buen rato y espero que te guste y si es así y no eres seguidora espero que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.